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Born in Iran and raised in Spain, Behnaz spent most of her free time swimming and reading fashion magazines as a child. She had one eccentric difference, though. What she loved most, was doodling sketches of shoes. 

After completing the international baccalaureate she was enrolled to study pharmacology at King’s College in London, but, when she was introduced to Cordwainers College, she decided to follow her heart. Behnaz has brought her continuous curiosity and love of colour, texture and form to a life devoted to design. 

After graduation she lived in Civitanova Marche, one of the leading Italian hubs of artisan shoe manufacturing. Behnaz built her reputation by designing for many renowned names before creating her own brand in order to explore the limits of demi-couture. Her eponymous shoe label was carried by 50 prestigious stores around the world and were bought by celebrities and those wanting a unique elegance.

Behnaz’s character drives her to push boundaries in the fashion industry and it is no surprise that she would create such an innovative new brand that aligns so intuitively with the lives of women who embrace beauty, freedom and power. 

A powerful combination of the latest technology and traditional Italian craftsmanship, Kanani London is the culmination of 20 years of research, learning and passion.